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and abroad - Ole Herman - (Norway)

Ole Herman is a six year old boy.  He is the younger child of the family and has two older brothers.


The diagnosed was done in december 2006. He also has a hearing loss about 30- 40 decibel at both ears. That was diagnosed in dec 2004.


He makes lots of sounds, but not so many words. He says yes and no, when he is suppose to. And sometimes we can hear some other words.


He is in the normal school system but he has a lot of the time out of the classroom. Some sort of a special school system put into the normal school system. He is together with the class, when they do activities that he can follow.


During the schoolweek he has some other activities, like swimming, hippotherapy and physiotherapy and speech therapy, while his classmates have different subjects.


The teachers are using sign language the whole time, and then they use some parts from Karlstad- model and some Teacch method.


The parents goal, now, for his education is that he perhaps can learn to write and learn how to behaviour among other normal people.





Han er en 6 aars gammel gutt. Han er yngste barnet i familien og har to eldre brodre.


Diagnosen ble satt i desember 2006. Han har også et horselsetap på ca. 30-40 desibel på begge orene. Det ble diagnostisert i desember 2004.


Han lager mange lyder, men ikke så mange ord. Han sier: Ja og Nei, naar han skal. Og noen ganger kan vi hore noen ord.


Han gaar paa vanlig skole men har mye tid utenfor klasserommet. En type spesial gruppe i den vanlige skolen. Han er sammen med klassen naar de har aktiviteter han kan delta i.


I lopet av skoleuka har han ulike aktiviteter, svomming, ridning, fysioterapi og logoped, men hans klassekamerater har skolefag.


Laererne hans bruker norsk med tegnstotte hele tiden, og de bruker deler av Karlstad- modellen og noe av Teacch metoden.


Foreldrenes maal naa, for hans skolegang er at han laerer aa skrive og laerere aa oppfore seg blant andre mennesker.



If you want to get in touch with Ole Herman's parents, please send me a mail and I  will let you be in contact with them.






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