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In France - François



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François is 27 years old and is second in a family with 3 children. The diagnosis of 22q13.3 deletion was done at the beginning of 2007.

All  the early childhood acquisitions were very slow (sitting position, walking). He was very hypotonic. Many ear infections during his first year hid these difficulties. Langage arrived when he was around four, after the reeducation with a psychitatrist. 

He had a quite good schooling until he was 17 (fourth classroom in france) in normal classrooms and institutions with a real help of all teachers and friends.

He had also reeducations with pyschiatrist, orthophonist and motor therapist. 

Then he went to "day hospital" until he was 26. For one year now he his in a SAS-ESAT (help threw working structure) where he does artistic activities (dancing, singing).

He lives with his parents.
His self-sufficiency is limited because of his lack of outside marks, lack of money notions, lack of hunger and thirst notions, lack of heat and cold notion. 










Si vous voulez entrer en contact avec les parents de François, merci de me laisser un message et je vous mettrai en contact.


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